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Migrating to a new country to start a new life is a massive decision on all fronts. It requires a lot of thought, planning and tenacity. While a move to a new country holds immense potential to give you several advantages, it is important to do it the right way, with help from the right people.

At RAAH Migration, we understand your journey and what it takes to reach your destination. To begin with, we are registered with MARA and are fully up to date in our compliance – an important factor when you are placing your trust in a service provider.

It takes in-depth knowledge of immigration laws, visa categories and sub categories to decide the right course of action. Lodging a visa application is a highly specialised task which needs to be handled by professionals. A small error can cost an enormous amount of time and money and can also affect your chances of applying in future.

What makes RAAH Migration your best choice is our focus on personalised service. Working with us, you will have a partner who is with you every step of the way. We understand your challenges and your dreams. With RAAH, you are on the right path, always.

RAAH Migration has been set up to work closely with our clients to understand their situation, plans and recommend the right options to them. There may be more than one right option for you and we will share all details with you to keep you up to date.

At RAAH Migration we are driven by the simple work ethic of giving our clients the best advice at all times. No false promises, no short cuts and no compromise on professionalism. What you get as a result of this philosophy is consultation which is based on knowledge, insights and experience. You will find this professionalism in our service, advice as well as our fee structure.

Remember, the decision to migrate is a life-changing one. Make sure your application is handled by a registered migration agent. At RAAH Migration, we are ready for you.