Student Visas


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Student visa allows international students & their family to live & work in Australia while they undertake a full-time course of study. The applicant needs to be at least 6 years old when making the application. Students can enrol into Language Courses, Professional Courses or Higher Education (Bachelors, Masters and PHD)

This visa allows you to:

  • Study a registered full-time course in Australia
  • Stay in Australia for the duration of your course
  • Accompany eligible family members to Australia
  • Work a specified number of hours

As the visa applicant, you must:

  • Enrol with an Australian Education Provider, College or University as a full-time student, and obtain written confirmation of this enrolment (CoE) which identifies the start and end date of the course
  • Genuinely intend to complete the relevant period of study in Australia
  • Must have the required level of English language proficiency unless exempt
  • Must have overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the period of your intended stay in Australia
  • Must have access to sufficient funds to cover your return airfares, tuition fees and the cost of living in Australia, as well as costs required for any dependents included in your application.