Family Visas


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The family stream of visa applications are designed for Parents, Children of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible NZ citizens or those NZ citizen holding temporary visas. Depending on the application being made, it may result in a temporary or permanent residency visa.

If you are a parent of a child or stepchild who, at the time of lodging the visa application, is ‘settled’ and either an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, then the following visa sub-classes may be available to you:

  • Parent Visa
  • Contributory Parent (Temporary)
  • Contributory Parent (Permanent)
  • Aged Parent
  • Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary)
  • Contributory Aged Parent (Permanent)
  • New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship

Children born in Australia automatically acquire Australian citizenship if at least one parent is an Australian citizen or permanent resident at the time of the child’s birth.

For children born outside Australia to permanent resident parents will need to apply for and be granted a migration (i.e. permanent resident) visa to be able to enter and remain in Australia with their parents.

  • Child (Permanent – Onshore)
  • Child (Permanent– Offshore)
  • Orphan Relative (Permanent– Onshore)
  • Orphan Relative (Permanent– Offshore)
  • Dependent Child Visa
  • Adoption (Permanent)